Styling Devise with Twitter Bootstrap

I’ve recently been working on a project to demonstrate useage of Devise with SimpleDB. Today I’m going to take a short side trip to add Twitter Bootstrap to the project to get things looking a little nicer. I’ll cover add the framework to a rails project, initial page setup, and the specifics of modifying Devise views to be more bootstrapish.

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Using SimpleDB with Devise : Part 2

In this post I’ll do some refactoring of the project started in Part 1. I’ll be adding Rspec to do some testing, and then writing  some specs to expose some problems that exist in the previous implementation, then finally fixing those problems.

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SimpleUnique - Uniqueness validations for AWS::Record::Model

I’ve just released a new ruby gem called SimpleUnique that adds a ‘validates_uniqueness_of’ method to the AWS::Record::Model class provided by ‘aws-sdk’.  This allows you to do things like garauntee unique usernames.  Like many things in life, SimpleUnique is not perfect, and using it does include some caveats that you should consider.  Read the whole post to learn more.

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Using SimpleDB with Devise : Part 1

I’ve recently been working on a project for [client name withheld pending approval from legal dept] where we’re storing a lot of data in SimpleDB and when it came time to add an authentication layer, I naturally turned to Devise because I’ve used it before and it’s a great fit for the needs of this project. Unfortunately Devise doesn’t work with SimpleDB right out of the box. It took a little work and the creation of a new gem to get things working, but now it should be easy to get them to play nicely together in any project.

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Capistrano Deployment Trouble

When using Capistrano to deploy a Rails project you may run into a problem with installing gems from a git source.  This is about working around a really unhelpfull error that just says :  "The --deployment flag requires a Gemfile.lock. Please make sure you have checked your Gemfile.lock into version control before deploying."

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