Work and Open Source

Client Work


ClickFunnels helps people start their own business by automating the creation of sales funnels, which help them through all the stages of the sales process, from lead collection to closing the transaction.

ClickFunnels Marketplace

The ClickFunnels Marketplace allows experience ClickFunnels users to sell pages and funnels that they've built, and allows new users to purchse pages and funnels to jump start their business.

Rep the Squad

Rep the Squad was a subscription sports jersey rental service that offered a "jersey queue" to allow fans to always have new jerseys coming in. They have since closed down. RIP

Kaufmann Mercantile

Kaufmann Mercantile is a New York based online store for carefully selected, long-lasting, and well-designed goods.

Ritani is a high end jewelry brand that is working to integrate e-commerce with the local jewelry store.  Their new site enables visitors to custom design a ring and have it delivered to their local jewelry store for preview at no cost.  The e-commerce system coordinates processes between customers, vendor partners, and retail partners.

NewsLook is an online video news aggregation and syndication platform.  The entire NewsLook system is made up of severl projects including the front end consumer site and "publisher portal", the content ingestion system, an iPad app, and a monitoring app. / Zesty CMS

Zesty is the CMS that powers the webapeel service.  It is a Ruby on Rails app, deployed on Amazon EC2, with storage on S3.  In addition to content management, it includes interfaces for editing page templates and style sheets, and can handle dynamically resizing images to fit the template.

Open Source

You can find me on GitHub as jagthedrummer and as Octo-Labs. Here are a number of projects that I've started.


A simple JavaScript based RSS viewer using handlebars templates.


An extension for Middleman that makes it really easy to use responsive images.


An extension for Middleman that allows alias info to be stored in the frontmatter of a page or post.


A handy ruby gem that makes it very easy to add a variety of bookmarklets to your rails app.  See the blog post.  Also checkout out "Foo Vs Baz", a demo app that explains how to build several styles of bookmarklet.


The easiest way to use the easyXDM javascript library in your rails app.  See the blog post.


A simple UI wrapper for the CodeMirror source code editing widget.  See the blog post.


A simple plugin for TinyMCE that uses CodeMirrorUI as the source code editor.


A flexible tab system for prototype and scriptaculous.  It’s meant for creating multi tabbed editor type interfaces.


A Ruby gem to encapsulate interaction with


A Ruby gem to add automatic photo handling (via to ActiveRecord models.


An update to Lightbox2 from Lokesh Dhaka.  Updates include the ability to link to inline content, videos, and AJAX sources.