Remarq is a tool for constultants and agencies to allow them to create beautiful PDF reports. Reports can be authored in Markdown and then converted to high quality professional PDFs with no extra effort.

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Client MVC != Server MVC - EmberFest 2014

Today at Ember Fest I'm presenting a session called "Client MVC != Server MVC". In it I compare and contrast the Ember style of MVC with the Rails style. Here's a link to the slides for the talk, and to a bunch of bonus JSBins that step through the process of building up a simple Ember application.

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Ember-cli, broccoli, bootstrap & sass

Ember-cli is the new hotness in the Ember world for generating new applications. The build process for ember-cli is provided by broccoli, a relatively new build tool. Trying to get a Sass version of Twitter bootstrap to play nicely with ember-cli turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Both ember-cli and broccoli are under heavy development, so I imagine that the process for using something like bootstrap-sass will become much easier in the very near future. The solution presented here is a quick and easy way to get things working today, but hopefully there will be an easier and more elegant long-term solution.

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Hi, I'm Jeremy.

I’m an entrepreneurial, full-stack web engineer.  I do some occassional public speaking, and I'm helping to organize the OkcRuby developer group.

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You can also find me around the web at these spots. (Yes, I know there are two GitHub links, my projects are spread across two pages. Long story.)

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