Hi, I’m Jeremy Green, a full-stack web engineer specializing in Ruby on Rails and Ember.js for eCommerce and SaaS applications.

I'm an international public speaker, a former Director at Techlahoma, the founder and developer of a few SaaS applications, and I like to make music and take photos.

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What do other people have to say?

"WOW. Truly I could not have hoped for a more professional, responsible, easy to work with and efficient developer. 'Senior' doesn't describe just how intuitive and disciplined Jeremy is. I hired Jeremy for a remote position and was hesitant at first of the distance. He gave us NO reason to have any concern for the project which took over a year. His work was buttoned up, on time and his communication was flawless. He is one of the few pros who can use that title with integrity. Would rehire in a heartbeat. Thanks Jeremy!"

Michael Trezza

"Jeremy has the rare mix of interpersonal skills and top notch technical chops. My favorite part of working with Jeremy is his calm demeanor and humility when it comes to solving technology challenges - you can sense he has no ego and truly cares about doing thing the right way and what is best for the group. It's also a breeze to work with Jeremy's finished product, as his code is definitely some of the cleanest and most self-explanatory that I have seen in my professional career.

If I were starting a company looking for a senior software architect, I would absolutely hire Jeremy in an instant. He's also a fantastic guy and I'm very happy to be able to call him a friend."

Rohan Deshpande
Co-founder and CTO at Fundera

"Jeremy is one of the more proficient and productive developers I have ever worked with. He builds to last, taking care to weave unit tests into his work, but is also capable of making trade-offs with an eye for speed of implementation. In particular, Jeremy shines at working remotely. He is a very strong communicator, proficient at breaking down tasks into logical units, and maintains a strong pace.

Would I work with Jeremy again? Absolutely. Strong thumbs-up across the board."

Alex Berg
Vice President of Product at Ritani

I believe in test-driven development, minimum viable products, short iterations, fat models, skinny controllers, version control, feature branches, automated deployment, performance as a feature, 24x7 monitoring, proactive detection of problems, and using the right tool for each job.  I engineer scalable solutions to allow infrastructure costs to rise and fall with demand.  

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