Remarq enables consultants and freelancers to produce beautiful documents without needing to hire a designer or fight with bloated software like Word, InDesign or Pages.

CloudHDR is an HDR workflow web app aimed at working HDR photographers. Photomatix on the backend provides the same great results that photographers already know and love, but in a web based format that is great for large scale batch processing.

Shopify Apps

In partnership with my friends at Ethercycle we have developed several Shopify apps that add new capabilities to Shopify stores.

Crowdfunder is a Shopify app that allows merchants to run a pre-sale campaign.

While Supplies Last adds low stock alerts near the "add to cart" button to help create urgency when supplies are running low.

Free Shipping Progress Bar lets customers see that they're getting close to qualifying for free shipping.

Ship Timer shows customers when they should expect their orders to ship.